About The Rogue

The Rogue conversations come about as a result of a lack of safe space to hold critical discussion on the vast dynamics of human issues. Everything from personal misconceptions, violence, and stress to the global unsustainable economy, war, and class. Each series of events will focus on pressing local issues while being thrust into the national and global context to arrive at what the individual and community can do to help address them.

These conversations happen over three formats:

Insights: are round-table interviews with local activists, radicals, and figures on what they do, what they know, to give them support, or not, and hold them accountable.

Forums: are round-table discussions with no special guests, that are geared toward building communication skills, and arriving at understanding of one another’s perspectives, cultures, and arriving at actions to improve our condition.

Scholars: is a study series analyzing various alternative news media outlets, provocative books, and documentaries, lectures, and interviews that were designed to shake foundations and cause systemic change.

It takes courage to be honest and even more to correct misunderstandings. It takes emotional maturity and intellectual prowess to not be prejudice and reactionary.

“To understand is to transform what is” – Jiddu Krishnamurti